Inspection Molding Set Up Technician $22-$24

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Inspection Molding Set Up Technician $22-$24 3rd SHIFT

Location: Temecula CA

3rd SHIFT OVERNIGHT: Mon-Fri 11:00pm to 7:30am


Job Overview:


Set up Technician required for a manufacturing company in the Injection Molding industry.

This position requires three to five experience with Injection Molding and knowledge of how to set up machines and conduct maintenance and minor repairs.


Job Duties:


  • Responsible for the setup startup and troubleshooting of injection molding machines.

  • Ensure all machines run at optimum cycles.

  • Perform minor machine and mold maintenance (e.g. cleaning removing blockages lubrication)

  • Verify mold installation is correct and properly prepared

  • Perform all functions of the mold change process

  • Start-up and inspections of first run for defects and adjust parameters as needed

  • Evaluate and analyze issues and make necessary improvements

  • Ensure that all parts produced meet quality and packaging standards

  • Knowledgeable of mold design mold preparation and installation and machine maintenance


Skills Required:


  • Minimum of three to five years’ experience in injection molding specifically in mold set-up.

  • Experience in maintenance and minor repairs of machines

  • Supervisory skills a plus

  • Good communication skills ability to work independently.


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